My name is Rosanne and I’m the owner of Rosie and the Raven, where Rosie represents my name, Raven the touch of mystery in my work and the whole name reminds me of the title for a fairytale.

When I was little, my drawings of horse – riding girls on the beach, cross sections of houses, family scenes and copied drawings of Disney characters, already made me decide to go to art school later in life.

A few years ago I’ve graduated from the University of Arts in Utrecht and now I live and work as freelance illustrator in Rotterdam. Nowadays I like to make esthetic work with a hint of magic and a raw edge. I also have no hesitation in making handdrawn typography ( especially seen in my poster artwork) Natural objects, like plants and flowers, and animals are often contained in my work. I combine my traditional way of working with digital coloring and finetuning.


VIVA, VIVA MAMA, Het Parool, Vorsten Magazine, GIGANT, Tivoli en STABILO.


Alongside these assignments I maintain a shop with all kinds of goodies such as prints, necklaces and pints and I make portraits of humans and/or animals (which I both like equally). Because I like the world a lot I’m trying to be as sustainable as possible with the paper and packaging I use. One of my favorite papers I use is biotop, this paper made out of waste wood.

Rosanne Groeneweg | Rosie and the Raven